Top Celebs Who Swear By Golf

Golf is a glamourous game. No wonder it has brought many celebrities into its axis. These A-listers either have a penchant for the game or they swing their clubs for charity. These stars often throng the top Golf destinations to display their love for the game. One such destination is Dubai. Golf courses and the resorts like Address Montgomerie  Golf resort in Dubai are perfect for a golf match. It is not uncommon to bump into your favourite star on a golf course once in a while. So, for your next holiday, book a golf lesson online on sites like at one of the many elite golf courses like Address Montgomerie to play like a star.

Here are a few celebs that are totally in awe of the game and are often caught posing with their golf clubs.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake Playing Golf

Pop sensation Justin Timberlake, is a well known Golf enthusiast. He is often spotted in the PGA Tour events (the Justin Timberlake Shriners Open) as well as in the private lockers (he’s a member at Liberty National in New Jersey and Lakeside Golf Club in Los Angeles). His 6-handicap along with his celebrity status shows his perseverance towards his goals. For Timberlake, the golf course gives him a chance to spend time with himself, away from his glitzy lifestyle.  This avid golfer plus celebrity also bought the Big Creek Golf Course. This is the same place where he took the baby steps in the game. With the celebs backing, the site has been revamped into Mirimichi (a Native American word for “place of happy retreat”), boasting an eco-friendly layout.

R Madhavan

R Madhavan
R Madhavan Playing Golf

This Bollywood actor seems to be the best and only the best at whatever he does! Besides his excellent acting skills, he is also a pro on the golf course. In fact, he was also paired at a tournament in Dubai with golf champion Jeev Milka Singh. The game apparently has always been a passion for Madhavan for long. He has also trained at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy in the Unites States to further improve his game.

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Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev Playing Golf

Former India cricket captain Kapil Dev holds the golf club with elan and hits the ball with finesse. His game displays his passion and love for the game. Post his retirement from the cricketing pitch, Dev stepped on the golf course and has been playing like a pro. While his first love remains Cricket, golf too has found a place in his heart.  The cricket star is ranked fifth at the IGU All India Senior Golf Championship and has also qualified for the Asia-Pacific Senior Amateur Championship in China.

Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner Playing Golf

Melrose Place star Jack Wagner is also very fond of golf. Besides being a daytime TV show host, he is ranked as one of the leading celebrity golfers! He also won the title of American Century Celebrity Golf Classic, which is an annual competition listing the best celebrity golfers from the American sports and entertainment world. The star won his first title in 2006 followed by another championship in 2011. Wagner’s love for the game is evident through some events such as a Celebrity Golf Classic named after him that raises funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. At one point the celeb also considered golfing as a career and contemplated becoming a professional golfer. He also won the Missouri junior college championship in 1980.

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