Top 500 Photos on 500px

The subject line of this infographics should have been what time of the day is the most ideal to take photos, as it does not contain five hundred top photos on 500px. There is more to taking photographs than just shooting in the auto mode. In this info graphics titled, “Top 500 Photos on 500px” you will see about some metrics of photographs and the ideal settings to take a photograph.

There are different modes in a camera that you can set to in order to make a photograph look professional. As per this info graphics, when you turn off the flash mode, you will most likely get a better looking picture when clicked. It takes less than a second to click one of the greatest photographs you must have ever clicked. The time May 2011 to August 2011 was supposedly one of the best days to click photographs.

If you follow some simple rules for taking good photographs, you might end up getting a better quality picture every time you click a photograph. The night time is the least preferred time to take a photograph. Most of the photos created by users are in the landscape mode if not the auto mode. Landscape mode is the second most widely used orientation to click photos. Canon 5D Mark II is one of the most widely used cameras to click pictures.


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500 Photos at 500px

500 most popular photos at the photo sharing community

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