The Top 50 Christmas Toys of the Past 100 Years

Top 50 toys of the last 100 years

Christmas has been there and gone on so many occasions, but do we yet know: which are the presents that have been there since the ages? Giving and getting repents are the customs of Christmas, yet there are a few presents which are more common than the others. In this infographic there are “The Top 50 Christmas Toys of the Past 100 Years”. Find out if yours is on this list too.

How many of these presents have you been gifted and how many have you gifted to other kids? It might be fun to know, so you can try something new this year. It is always good to surpass someone’s expectations of you. So if you want to know which ones to gift your loved ones this Christmas season, then look past these 50 Christmas toys.

Of course that will be easier to do so than ever. The world has evolved so much in the last century, that some of these games are very common among kids these days. You might want to give them something unusual. If that is the case, then give them one of the toys which aren’t on the list and then you will find that you will have given them something they look at with wonder and amazement in their eyes. We all know kids love to play with unique stuff and like to broaden their minds, having a magical touch at things. You can know the most common gifts in the last 100 years and try something else this time.


Very imaginative and colorful.


What is there to not like about this cute infographic.

An infographic which compiles the top 50 Christmas toys of the past 100 years and highlights a host of golden oldies that are still best sellers. This Infographic highlights Christmas Toys. Brought to you by Cash Generator.

Top 50 toys of the last 100 years


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