Top 5 Tips to Help You Approach Your Question Paper Better

Top 5 Tips to Help You Approach Your Question Paper Better 1

Top 5 Tips to Help You Approach Your Question Paper Better 2

Exams are the moment of truth that you were preparing for all year, has finally arrived! Some of you also consider this as the doomsday. It is a fact that you have compromised hours of sleep just to be at your best in these few hours of examination. However, do you think you have done everything you could? Are you ready to get rewarded for your hard work? Well not until you finish the paper with perfection. All your hard work can be in vain if you don’t solve your question paper in the best way possible. So, below are the 5 important tips you need to keep in mind in order to approach your paper in a better way and score good grades.



  • Read the Questions Carefully


One of the biggest issues during examination hours is that you panic when you look at the question paper. Without giving much thought, you start solving it. However, this approach has some downsides. The worst of them is that students miss the questions and commit silly mistakes while solving important questions. So, to avoid this, you should take a deep breath and read the paper attentively and then strategize your next move. Once you read the entire paper, you can decide how you will approach it.



  • Focus on Time Management


It often happens that when you solve the questions in the exam, it takes more time than usual. There can be several reasons behind it such as stress, nervousness and the pressure of finishing the paper. This leads to chaos and you may also leave some of the questions due to lack of time. However, it can be avoided easily by managing time precisely during the duration of the exam. Once you are done with reading the paper, you should fix a time period for each question and try to complete it in the given duration. This will help you finish the paper on time and avoid chaos.



  • Structure Your Response to Every Question


Students tend to jump right into solving the question after they finish reading it. When you do this, you can get stuck in the middle of it. You can mess up the question even if you know it. All this happens due to lack of structure of the answer you want to write. So, before you start to write, you should decide on the structure of the response. This will help you avoid confusion and finish the question without panicking. Structure is not required in smaller questions. You can solve them without it. However, you need a proper structure to deal with the longer ones.



  • Start With the Best One You Know


It’s said that “The first impression is the last impression.” It’s valid for your answer sheet too. What you write and how you write in the first few pages sets the tone of the whole paper for the examiner. If the questions at the start are neatly done and with the proper method, you can achieve good marks even if your last pages are not so great. So, it’s advised that you start with the questions that you know the best. Write them down in the best way possible. The ones you are not so sure about, keep them for the last. It will also help you gain confidence and afterwards you might even solve the difficult ones easily.



  • Review and Re-write


When you are solving the question from one of the ed-tech Vedantu question paper, you get into a zone and start following a rhythm to solve the queries. It is difficult to realise our mistakes during the flow of writing answers. So, once you are finished solving the question paper, you should take out time to review the entire paper before submission. You may end up improvising a few answers and change them the way you want. While reviewing, you might even find something that you have missed. So, it’s important to revise your solutions before leaving the examination hall.

Although there are no set rules on approaching a question paper. These tips have been curated by expert faculties at Vedantu. With their experience of teaching thousands of students, they have come up with a method to help the students better.  If you follow them while writing your answers, it will increase the possibility of great grades for you. Now, you are ready to ace your exams. All the best!

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