Top 5 Computer Viruses Ever

Top 5 Computer Viruses Ever 1

The internet is now our world – being online is literally akin to surviving. It is an entire ecosystem that can be compared to forests providing oxygen. As the following infographic on top 5 computer viruses ever by Norton UK suggests, it is now the backbone of modern society. This being said, it is also a prime target for hackers and crackers world over to take advantage of and exploit.

In an industry like the internet, where the pace of change is so rapid, it is worth looking back at such events to see how far we have evolved. Also known as the Technology Life Cycle (TLC), Moore’s Law states that integrated circuits double in performance every 18 months, which explains the current global TLC average – two years. As technology becomes obsolete, hacker and cracker communities rapidly take advantage  and attack them.

This infographic looks at the top 5 computer viruses – My Doom (2004), Sobig.f (2003), I love you (2000), Code Red (2001) and Slammer (2003).

  Top 5 Computer Viruses Ever 2

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