Top 25 Business Schools In The World

Top 25 Business Schools In The World 1

My search for top Business Schools in the country took me to My accidental discovery led me to a repository of educational data. I was elated to have found the right destination.

Coming from a low wage background, I couldn’t afford leaving my job and was therefore looking for a part time or a distance learning management course. I realized finding all the information at one place can prove to be a cumbersome task – cutoffs, offered courses, admission details, institute ranking, amenities, placement, etc. But this portal significantly reduces that information gap. I could search for institutes based on the type of course, stream and location. The finer detailing like extra-curricular activities, notable alumni of the institute and infrastructure impressed me. It looked like a resume of colleges to me.

It also led me into a deeper research of management courses when I realized that the options were not limited to the basic finance, marketing, HR or IT but there was social entrepreneurship, rural management, foreign trade, etc. Shortlisting the choice would be difficult, I thought at first. Surprisingly, all that needed to be done was set my priorities straight and create a list of concerns. My main concern was an admission fee, others could be taken care of. B-schools can be very expensive and the affordability becomes an issue. Thankfully, CollegeDunia also provides information about the various scholarships offered in the institute. Concern put to rest. Another concern was location, after all I also had work to take care of. But for a Mumbaikar, the train connectivity makes it all accessible. Living in Mumbai also gives a choice, there are multiple options as the city has innumerable management institutes. Getting to priorities, most important was course, I got my list. Next, admission fee, eliminated some. Then, placement and package and finally college standing, now I had my shortlisted colleges. To pick the right college all I had to check was the different scholarships they offered to look for the one where I fit in and if there were reserved seats. The minority quota would increase the probability of me getting into that college.

It’s funny how the brain works. I made my choice but new queries popped up, what if I missed my lectures because of work? Would I find the lectures online? Will the classes be only on holidays or also on weekdays? On the click of a button “ask a question to the counselor”, I had my queries answered. Done with all my skepticism I went forth with the application in that college and I got in.

I am satisfied with my choice and wanted to express my gratification to CollegeDunia. Maybe in future if I think of an executive MBA or a Ph. D., I know where to look.  It has helped me find the right college, therefore, highly recommended to all those who are looking for institutes from any stream – engineering, medical, law, fashion designing, hotel management, civil aviation, computer applications, mass communications, agriculture and architecture.

Top 25 Business Schools In The World

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