Top 10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Top 10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids 1

Top 10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids 2

Staying in a house with a younger sibling or a baby cousin will be enough for you to understand why we need to make this list. There are piles of toys everywhere in all shapes and forms. Even giving away dozens of toys is not enough to make a dent in that pile.

Now do not get me wrong – it is not that I hate toys. There are many that I absolutely adore. Toys have gotten incredibly innovative and socially responsible, and I believe that playtime is an essential part of a child’s healthy growth and development. But the issue here is how most of us think that the gift option for a child is almost always limited to toys only.

Best Gifts for Kids

Contrary to popular belief, toys are not the only gift options for children. It really isn’t. There are scores of alternatives to choose from. Granted that enthusiasm may seem a little low when the gift unwrapping happens during the holidays, but you will be doing a great service for your children. So, let this year be a toy-free holiday when it comes to gifts, and we present you with the ultimate list to get you started.

1. Insulated Lunch Box for Kids

Who doesn’t love a warm meal, or a snack? We all do. Children love them much more. This is where gifting them a tiffin box on their birthdays or during Christmas will do wonders. Pick the lunchbox for kids according to their color preference, with their favorite characters printed. An insulated lunch box will not only keep their lunch warm and fresh but will also make for an exciting gift choice that is not a toy.

2. Books

Books are the most wonderful gift options for your child. Reading books will not only help them learn about the world and various subjects but also expand their imagination. It might also be their favorite recreational activity throughout life. Books are after all man’s best friend and most trusted partner.

3. Alarm Clock

One of the most essential parts of growing up is learning to get organized and kids crave structure. A huge part of teaching that important lesson is children is teaching them the importance of time. An alarm clock will thus act as both a gift and an invaluable instrument to teach them the value of time. There are huge assortments of alarm clocks available in the market – from one with lights to one designed with the pictures of their favorite superhero or fairy tale character. So next birthday onwards, they can wake up on their own within time and not be late for school and save you from the tiring activity of waking them up from sleep.

4. Garments

This might seem to be one of the most boring gifts on the list, but is quite essential. And no, clothes do not need to be boring. Pick fun colors, with pictures and designs of your child’s favorite fictional character, or with quirky quotes. There is a huge collection available both on e-commerce sites or shops near you to choose from. Take them out with you while buying clothes and make it a fun outing for both of you.

And a cozy pair of mittens, fluffy caps, or woolly sweaters will also make sure that your child can go out and play outdoors in winter.

5. Umbrella

An umbrella might seem boring but trust us on this. An umbrella need not be just plain black or of any other solid colors. Go creative, pick ones with exciting prints or designs. There are various designer umbrellas available for kids only with fun looks – like a pair of frog eyes printed on the top or with bunny ears stitched. This will not only make your kid look fashionable but also save them from rain and direct sun rays. What is a better gift than this that will both protect your kid and also give them a style statement!

6. Adopting a Pet

Here is an interesting option that is sure to give your child much joy! Adopt a puppy, or a kitten, or even go for birds like parrots or a pair of lovebirds. The child will not only get a partner to grow up with but taking care of the pet will also teach him responsibility and taking care of others. Be sure to keep this as a surprise until they unwrap their gift.

7. Cooking/Baking Supplies

Gift your kid cooking or baking supplies and bring out the little chef or baker in them. Teach them to bake cookies or pastries, or cook simple dishes. This will not only be a fun recreational activity but also help to grow a bond between you and your kid as you will spend many memorable moments together and forge memories that you can look back upon.

8. Calendar / Journal

Much like an alarm clock, a calendar will also help your child get organized and compartmentalize their time, giving structure to their life. Go for ones with fun designs and bright colors instead of the old, boring ones.

9. Art and Craft Supplies

What’s a better gift than art supplies to bring out the little artist in your kid and let them go all creative? Get the coloring books and pastels, brushes, and watercolors and cheer them as they unleash their creativity on paper.

10. Aquarium

Much like pets, an aquarium filled with fish will not only get your child awestruck but also teach them responsibility as they learn to take care of their goldfish and feed it on time.

So next time while picking up gifts for your child, be it on their birthday or on other occasions such as Christmas, be sure to choose something that is not a toy. You can get an idea from this list or choose from dozens of other options such as sports equipment, monthly subscription boxes, movie DVDs, or anything that you think will help him to grow and develop. Happy gifting!

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