Tips To Help You Get Leaner and Fitter

Tips To Help You Get Leaner and Fitter 1

Get Leaner and Fitter

While many would aim at losing excess pounds of fat, some go beyond to achieve a lean physique with a toned body. This can take a lot more effort than just losing weight. Before you begin your journey towards developing a lean muscle, identify your exact body type and the types of workouts best suited for you. In the long term, you must enjoy the time you spend achieving your fitness goals. Here are a few quick tips to be on the right track to getting a lean, toned body.

1. Stationary Bike Workout

As per Men’s Health UK, it is best recommended to do a 4-minute warmup ride on low resistance to get lean muscle. You must ride as fast as possible for a duration of 40 seconds and then pedal at a slower pace for 20 seconds. Repeat this routine 10 times.

Following this, again ride as fast as possible for a duration of 20 seconds, and then pedal at a slower pace for 10 seconds; repeat this routine 6 times. You can also choose to set the bike to low resistance and cool down by riding slowly for 3 minutes. The total workout should usually take about 20 minutes.

2. Static Kettlebell Lunge

You can try to include static kettlebell lunge in your workout routine to build lean muscle on your legs. Start by holding a kettlebell on either side of your body. Make sure to keep your palms inward. Then, place your left foot forward and position your right foot about 30 inches behind you.

Keep your knees slightly bent while keeping your spine straight and your head facing forward. Then, you have to lower your right knee until it is at least one inch away from the floor. Try to raise, and push your front leg without interlocking your knees. It is ideal to start with two sets of 20 reps for each leg.

3. Alligator Plank

If you wish to have strong and lean muscles in your upper body, then it is best recommended to try the alligator plank as it sculpts your triceps, abs, shoulders, and back.

Start the workout in a modified plank position. Keep your elbows bent tight to your sides. You must then shift your weight forward while keeping your abs engaged. You must now walk with your right hand moving forward for about 3 feet while dragging your feet along with you. You must repeat the same for the left side. Try to continue this for around 30 seconds.

4. Rowing Machine Workout

This 20-minute workout will help you out in building arm muscles while slimming your gut.

You can start the workout with a warmup row on low resistance of about 3-5 minutes. You must then increase the resistance to level 10. Following this, try to row as hard and fast as you can for around 30 seconds. Try to grab the handle with the help of an underhand grip and row for around 60 seconds at a moderate pace. You must repeat this for around 7 times. Do alternate rowing for around 15 seconds at a faster pace and then at a slower pace. Cool down for 3 minutes at a slow pace.


You can try to get maximum results from your physical workouts by combining both cardio as well as weight lifting. This combination, in turn, will boost your efforts in developing a lean muscle. It will help you burn fat efficiently while helping you build muscles without getting beefed up.

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