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Tiger Woods Lifestyle

Tiger Woods might have been famous for all the wrong reasons apart from his sports achievements. But, the fact remains that he has been sponsored by some of the majorly popular brands and holds his stake in the profits that these companies make from the ads in which his name appears. In this infographic titled, β€œTiger Woods Economy” you will see how Tiger Woods has made money through ads and sponsorship deals.

According to this infographic, Tiger Woods has made money through a variety of resources. He has made money through tickets and sponsors, the tournament in which he plays, through television ads, magazines, etc. The economy of the city goes up whenever there is an event that has Tiger Woods. It could be a Golf tournament or any other event where he is the guest.

He also holds a stake in the video game companies that sponsor him, and also feature him in their games. Tiger Woods is a brand in himself. Any tournament that has Tiger Woods, the companies and brands that sponsor, gain massive profits. So, if you want to boost the economy of your state, you only have to bring in the Tiger Woods economy effect into your state. You could host a sports event with Tiger Wood in it and sponsors will automatically pour in. Tiger Woods is not a sports personality, he’s a superstar of branding.


Clearly depicts how a sports person is a brand in himself and his name is enough for sponsors to earn profits.


The colors and layout are not visually attractive.

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Tiger Woods Lifestyle

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