5 Things Only Players on KhelplayRummy Get to Enjoy

Khelplay Rummy

Rummy is an addiction for most of us. We enjoy the touch and feel of the cards. We enjoy the prospect of making someone lose in a simple game of cards. We enjoy scheming with cards to complete sequences before others. Yes, everything about rummy is truly and thoroughly enjoyable. Yet, there are some things that only rummy players on the Khelplay Rummy app get to make the best of. Here we have listed out 5 things that a Khelplay Rummy player always gets to enjoy:

The Joy of Playing Rummy Anytime and Anywhere

Offline rummy is also enjoyable but you may not always have your friends ready to join you when you are in the mood for Indian rummy. This is where Khelplay Rummy is different. It allows you to enjoy a good session of rummy anytime and anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. In these times when the data connection is cheaper than ever before, what could be better than a chance to enjoy rummy anytime anywhere at your whim?

The Fun of Enjoying Rummy on Any Device of Your Choice

The tech savvy generation today is way different from the past offline rummy generation. People today have their own choices when it comes to devices and gadgets. Since, the Khelplay Rummy app is responsive in design, it is equally compatible on all devices and apps. This means, a Khelplay Rummy player can enjoy rummy card games on any of his favourite devices. If you enjoy using the tablet for playing rummy games, you can use that. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing rummy on the big laptop screen, you may choose it. The choice is completely yours.

The Pleasure of Winning Bonus Points as Friends Accept to Join Khelplay Rummy

When you are an avid rummy player, you are sure to have friends in rummy circles. Inviting your friends to join Khelplay Rummy allows you to enjoy your favourite card game with your friends. Apart from this, it also allows you to enjoy extra bonus points each time someone accepts a friend request you sent on Khelplay Rummy. Now, isn’t that a ‘Double Dhamaka’ offer in today’s world?

The Excitement of Winning Gadgets and Money in Rummy Tourneys

Rummy fans can enjoy much more than just the fun of the game as they join Khelplay Rummy. The site often launches rummy tournaments. In these tourneys, you get to exhibit the best of your rummy skills. You can play rummy tournaments and the winners enjoy special cash prizes and more. Some of the rummy tournaments have gadgets as prizes. Yes, you may even get your favorite mobile phone or tablet as a prize for winning the rummy tournament on Khelplay Rummy. Isn’t that truly awesome?

The Chance to Learn New Tricks and Strategies through Videos and Blogs

Rummy players do not like to stay limited to their random skills and tactics. They prefer to continually improve their skills and be better at the game. Khelplay Rummy understands this fact about rummy players and that is why it comes up with innovative rummy tutorial videos. These videos not just guide you with the Khelplay Rummy app but also help you understand some great nuances and tricks related to the game. Watching these videos can help you refine your rummy gaming skills. The expert players share their experiences and the knowledge they have gained through such videos.

The Khelplay Rummy app allows you to enjoy many different variations of the rummy card games as listed below:

Points Rummy: In this variation of rummy card game, the winner is decided at the end of just one round of the game. This is the most suitable rummy variation for all players who seek instant fun. The game ends in a few minutes and you get to know whether you win or lose the game.

Deals Rummy: In this variation of the game, winner is decided at the end of a fixed number of deals. Depending on the number of deals that are played, the game is classified as 2 deals rummy, 3 deals rummy and 6 deals rummy game.

Pool Rummy: This is another series rummy game where a cut off point is decided at the start of the game. The first one to cross the cut off point loses the game. Depending on the cut off points, the games maybe classified as 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy.

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