Innovative & Custom-Developed Thermoplastics for Various Applications



Thermoplastics are preferred as they are easy to shape and mold when heated. Most of the thermoplastics known to man are used in designing everyday products. There are a few that are expensive and are used to replace metal objects of any design. These are suited for various applications because of their lightweight and high strength. Pounds of Plastics is a reputed firm that specializes in engineering thermoplastics for various applications. The major focus of the company is on producing both reinforced and unreinforced grades of nylon. The company also specializes in offering thermoplastics that belong to other resin families.

Benefits of opting for Pounds of Plastics services –

  • Excellent service
  • Quick delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Maintaining inventory
  • Proactive plastics technical assistance

Methods of Marking with a Fiber Laser Machine

Fiber laser machines can be used to mark materials in numerous ways. The first and the most common technique is engraving. This process leaves a mark on metals and also on stainless steel. This results in ablation of the material on certain parts. With the help of a Fiber Laser Machine which emits laser of high energy, it can be used for vaporizing materials such as titanium and steel. Polishing of metals can also be done with this laser machine.

If you are looking for a great tool for annealing metals, then you can rely on a fiber laser machine. The process leaves no surface ablation and does not remove appreciable amount of material. Annealing with materials such as stainless steel alloys permit corrosion resistant marking. No damage is done to the structure of the surface through this process. Click here to learn in detail about the marking process.

Sophisticated Remote Connect Software to Troubleshoot and Resolve Field Issues

The Onsight Connect remote expert software offers access to a remote environment on a site to help the users assess, troubleshoot and resolve issues on the field. This tool can power various mobile devices such as smart glasses, computers, tablets and smartphones for a consistent experience. This software tool has been designed to collaborate in different field environments using augmentative content that helps technicians work efficiently.

Teams can rapidly inspect and resolve issues despite low bandwidth with this powerful software. Offline access to Onsight devices and smartphone cameras is also offered by this software. The Capture Mode button can be pressed to take snapshots and also to record certain events. This software has been secured and controlled by a robust back-end management infrastructure and solution. Mentoring can be done precisely with this Onsight Connect Software.

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