The World’s Biggest Polluters

World's Biggest Polluters

The proper perspective seems to have caught up with objective reality. No, there is a greater realization that there is no global warming, no human caused climate change (the Sun is far more powerful than anything that 7.3 billion humans can create), we are actually in mini-ice age (predicted to end in 2030), and that global warming actually precedes CO2 emissions.

However, the lies perpetrated by Al Gore and his cronies in order to impose various carbon taxes were not questioned until more recently, and the truth had not yet fully emerged in 2011 when “The World’s Biggest Polluters” infographic was published. Yet, this infographic is intriguing on its own.

The infographic shows that China has become the world’s biggest polluter, as defined by CO2 emissions, having overtaken the United States. China has four times as many people as does the United States. Therefore, it would be understandable if China had four times the CO2 emissions. Yet, it has only 2% more emissions. Similarly, India also has four times the population of the U.S., yet it has more than four times fewer emissions.

The real criminal–or, at least, one of them–seems to be Canada. China has slightly more than 38 times as many people as does Canada, and Canada currently has emitted 614 million metric tons of CO2. If Canada’s population were the same as that of China, and all other things being equal, then Canada would have 23,361.23 million tons of CO2 emissions!

Likes: The countries and figures are arranged in an intriguing manner.

Dislikes: The agenda of human-caused global warming is no longer relevant in 2015; thus, the infographic is not as relevant.

Here we present graphical representations of the world’s 20 biggest CO2 emitters, in terms of million metric tones. China has now overtaken the United States.

Via: The New Ecologist

World's Biggest Polluters


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