The Women of the Internet Apocalypse

Men have tried many ways to get the attention of women. In this digital era, it’s not hard to connect to anybody and check out the profiles of gorgeous women without having to be answerable to anyone. This infographic titled “The Women of the Internet Apocalypse” features the kind of women that can be found on the web. This infographic categorizes women on the web into Crawlers, Irises and the Doppelgangers.

The crawlers are basically women who are heavier and they inch along the floors of the bar rooms in shirt exposing their essentials. This kind of pathetic display actually works in case of few men. The irises are women with pretty eyes. These just make their best feature visible to others. The doppelgangers are the saddest of all. These women carry head sized photos of celebs around them. These women even think that they would be mistaken for celebs. They don’t shy away from showing off their faces to attract attention from people.

Men keep checking out their pictures to find one through which they can actually initiate a conversation with these women by complimenting their pictures on the web. The infographic also covers the previous online persona, best feature, courting techniques, good pick-up lines and the perfect date for the kinds of women ruling the web. This infographic is ideal for men who are looking for some help to decode the nature of the women of the internet apocalypse.

Likes: Great tips for men, art style.

Dislikes: Not precise.

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Internet Apocalypse


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