The Social LandScape

If you want to know how to properly utilize your social media landscape, then this info graphics will give you a brief of how each and every platform of the social media can be used. The main purpose of any website is to drive traffic to its website. Using SEO techniques and posting on a variety of social media platforms can help you get traffic for your website. In this infographic titled, “The Social Landscape” you will see how each text, audio, and video content platform can be used to promote your brand.

Like LinkedIn is used for professional social networking and Flickr and Instagram for posting high resolution photos, you have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to post mixed content. You can also make use of online content directories like Digg, reddit, delicious, etc and post content and links to these directories regularly.

You can also add widgets, orhyperlinks to most of your social platforms so that you can get more traffic. If you want your video to generate more traffic, then you can post it on YouTube. While Twitter and Facebook can be used for branding your company and personal branding, LinkedIn is useful for personal branding as well. You can also get targeted audience and traffic when you post using Facebook branding and promotion.


Gives a tabular information on which social network is a hit and how to use every kind of social media platform.


Font too small. The information could’ve also been presented in a less cluttered way.




Social media Infographics


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