The Rugby World Cup by Numbers

If you are not interested in something then you are not interested in something. This tautology may not define anything but it does explain a lot. for example, we are interested in American football, but are bored with basketball. On the other hand, we are more charitable in other things. For example, we do love baseball, and have come to appreciate cricket (although we do not fully understand all the jargon–such as “yorker”–associated with it). However, we have absolutely no information or interest in rugby.

Yet, with “The Rugby World Cup by Numbers” infographic, we do try to keep an open mind. Moreover, as we have discovered through baseball and cricket, many of the concepts are similar. Rugby may be a uniquely Commonwealth game–there does not seem to be any American equivalent.

Yet, the results are similar. For example, the participants will eat. According to the infographic, almost 100,000 meals will be fed to them and to the team personnel for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Also, almost 1,400 balls will be used. In baseball, home runs are a rarity (and that is why some people are bored to tears in watching it). In cricket, however, there are frequent 6s throughout each game. Thus, there is a great loss of balls, and a great need for replacements. Our limited knowledge of rugby does tell us, however, that lost balls are not an issue. Perhaps they are needed for other purposes.

Likes: We do like the statistics of the results of the game; we can relate to them.

Dislikes: There is no mention of the history of rugby; history usually makes things more interesting.


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