The ROI of Social Media

Since the advent and rise of social media, especially for businesses and personal branding, the profits of most of the businesses have increased by more than fifty percent. There are certain metrics to be followed to get the complete result of using social media tools. In this Infographic titled, “The ROI of Social Media” you will read about the potent use of social media for businesses.

As per this infographic, generating content on the social media in a variety of formats for a variety of platforms has increased the profits of the business and also the brand awareness by more than ninety percent. More than seventy percent businesses are using social media to target their business goals. More than sixty percent marketing professionals are integrating social media in their sales and marketing strategies. Many partnerships too have been based on social media platforms.

The metrics of ROI of social media is based on clicks on the ads placed on web, posts on a variety of social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, based on the subscribers, members, number of fans on the social media pages, etc. Most of the marketers now use social media to track the business and also get the customer feedback using social media. Since, the physical marketing costs have reduced to a great deal; using social media to promote a business is cost effective and highly profitable.


Good information on the metrics of social media for business.



Infographic: The ROI of Social Media

Infographic by MDG Advertising

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