The Rise of Social Networking Ad Spending

Print ads are passé, especially, since the rise of social networking. Most of the businesses, small or big, are opting for social media advertising. Since this form of advertising has an instant global reach and is also inexpensive and sometimes free, it has become the most potent medium of advertising.

In this infographic titled, “The Rise of Social Networking Ad Spending” you will see how money flows and the business grows when opted for online social networking. Different sectors and industries, such as banking, travel, cars, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, etc are benefited greatly through this kind of advertising.

Most of these industries use social media to get customer feedback and also showcase their latest products that has information about all the features of their products. As much as it is easier to reach the targeted audience every time a new product is launched, it becomes easier to post the updates online, instead of approaching print and ad agencies for promotion.

Since the year 2008, there has been a very steady increase in the rise of social media advertising and it has only been growing ever since. Most of the users use social media to make purchasing decisions based on reviews, pictures of products, features, and price they see online.

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Rise Of Social Media Ad Spending
Rise Of Social Media Ad Spending


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