The Rise of E-Readers

According to the Harris interactive poll, most of the Americans have preferred to read eBooks, as compared to the traditional books. The readership of eBooks has been increasing per year, and also, most of the users also purchase more number of eBooks instead of traditional books. In this Infographic titled, “The Rise of E-Readers” you will see the increase in the number of eBook readers compared to the traditional book readers.

An eBook has many advantages. You don’t have to carry a heavy book anywhere you want to go. It is cost effective. You can read it from anywhere and in any weather without worrying about the pages being torn or worn out due to weather or handling. Also, you don’t have to dim the light or adjust the light when you are reading an eBook; you can read it in the dark too. All you will need is software that will let you read the eBook.

Since, the number of ereaders is only increasing every year, more and more number of people are switching to digital reading of books as compared to the traditional reading of the books. Plus, if you ever want to publish a book, the traditional way, then, the cost of printing in paper and publication can be very high compared to publishing eBooks. You can also self publish eBooks without the need of a publishing house.


Smartly presented information.


Information and statistics about the eBook readership is very vague. No data about the eBook in terms of year, genre, etc is given.

EBook Infographic


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