The Psychology of Online Dating

Online Dating

Online dating services are the busiest time of the year during the weeks leading up to the Valentine’s Day. But have you wondered about the psychology behind online dating? The following infographic named “The Psychology of Online Dating”, shows you what exactly goes in the mind while online dating.

During the pre-internet era, the match-makers used to be parents, priests etc. but now there is algorithm based match making available on the internet, also there are many matchmaking matrimonial. The infographic crisply put light on the behavioral issues of the attitude of the teenagers. There are astonishing facts put up in the infographic about the success of online dating. Also the infographic has depicted some harassment facts due to online dating.

Last but not the least, the infographic truly shows that for creating an ideal profile for dating, many people tend to lie about their weight or height, which is unfair by any means. Online dating may not be for everyone, but it’s clear that it is working for a growing number of people.

Check out our infographic above to see more interesting stats on the Psychology of Online Dating!

Likes: Informative with astonishing stats and facts.

Dislikes: Arrangement could be made better with stats highlighted.

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The Psychology of Online Dating
The Psychology of Online Dating

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