The Pros & Cons of Installing a CCTV Camera in Your Home

CCTV Camera

Wouldn’t it be nice to have security guards guarding your house all the time while you sleep peacefully inside?

Well, affording professional guards all the time may not be possible for many of you. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ensure your own safety!

CCTV cameras are a great idea for those who want to secure their home. These cameras are used to keep various types of properties under surveillance 24 hours. It’s a great way to lower the cost of hiring guards and also keeping your home safe and sound.

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The Good And The Bad
CCTV Camera
Just about everything has its pros and cons. A cursory conversation with your neighbours will leave you with a myriad of plus and minus points for installing CCTV cameras. It’s up to you to decide after you’ve read about both points of view.


The major plus point for installing a CCTV camera is round the clock surveillance of your property. If data is to be believed, homes with such a setup have managed to help the police a lot in identifying a thief and getting all the stolen goods restored.

Secondly, it is also observed that people, working in a home with CCTV camera setups, have always restrained themselves from doing anything wrong during their work.


Nobody would like to change in a room with a CCTV camera staring at you. Such cameras, especially hidden ones, are invaders of privacy and makes people feel discomfited.

Moreover, most of good quality cameras come with a rather heavy price tag. In other words, if you wish to buy a top class camera, you better be prepared to shell out a small fortune. This is also a major cause for a large chunk of people not wanting to go for such cameras for their homes.

Got the pros and cons noted? Now weigh them and find out whether you wish to go for such a camera for your home or not.

If you do choose to buy one, you should definitely visit where you will get to choose from the large variety of CCTV cameras available. Choose wisely and live safely!

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