The NFL Name Game

Everyone loves the NFL; they are a rage among people from some parts of the world. Even though these players are very popular, their names are equally popular. Despite the fact that some of these names are very hard to spell or pronounce, they are pronounced all over the world, in NFL loving countries and they are cherished as one of their own. This is the spirit of this game. However, this infographic is not about the game, it is more focused on the game name.

The NFL Name Game” is a fun infographic which brings to you some of the most uncommon names in the game and how they are pronounced. There are different kinds of names and some of these names are the hardest to spell. But it doesn’t stop there, they also show you some of the names which are the hardest to spell and some of them are even harder to remember. Did you know that some of these men have nicknames? If you didn’t know, this infographic will tell you all about the nicknames of your favorite stars.

For example, Jerome Bettis is called the “bus” – now one would only imagine why he is given that nick name. Kenny Stabler is known as the “snake”. Some of these nicknames have been inherited from their moves and style of attacking the game, while some are simply for better remembrance. Anyhow, this infographic guarantees you fun.


The photos and information are well synced.


Nothing as such, very fun overall.


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