The Marvel Universe

There are but a few comic book brands that can brag their names as much as marvel can. Marvel comics are the name synonymous with our childhoods and for some, they continue to be so throughout their lives. Who does not like comics, right? So, here is Marvel, getting us the Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, Thor, and so on and so forth. But do we really know what went behind them? Do we know the little trivia that went behind our favorite “Avengers”? Let us have a look at them.
In this infographic named “The Marvel Universe” we can see tidbits and trivia about Marvel comic characters. Many of them would be known to you if you are a true marvel fan. But if you know all of them then we have to give you this – you are the one true Marvel comics fan unlike any other. So how much do you know? Check it out.
Did you know The Hulk was initially supposed to be grey in color? Can you even imagine the great Hulk in grey? That would have been such a lifeless Hulk isn’t it? Well, thankfully it didn’t turn out to be so. The infographic will tell you why, and today we have the most amazing color in our glorious Hulk.
Likes: This infographic is very colorful, just like a marvel comic. Ok, not so colorful, but it captures the essence of our favorite superhero characters. Plus, it has an interesting way of slotting the data.
Dislikes: Nothing.
 The Marvel Universe


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