The iPhone Era

The iPhone Era 1

The iPhoneThe iPhone Era 2 was only released in the year 2007 and since then has been one of the most popular phones used across the world. Popular for its apps and navigability, the sales of iPhones have only been on a steady increase. In this infographic titled, “The iPhone Era” you will see some lesser-known facts about the sales and figures of the iPhone since its first release.

Many people have gotten addicted to using iPhones and choose it over any other phone. Within three years of its release, news about Steve Jobs’ bad health had been doing the rounds. The iPad was then introduced in 2010. The stocks of Apple have also increased since the introduction of iPhones and iPads in the market, apart from the ever-popular iPods.

The price of an iPhone has been reduced to half its original price since 2007, though the utility based apps have been increased. The increase in the quality of this product has not affected the cost of this device. This is also one of the reasons why an iPhone is more popular amongst users. Every year an iPhone gets more than six hundred thousand pre orders whenever there is a product upgrade. Users are always eager to know about its specifications and make whenever a newer version of an iPhone is released. This just goes to show that we are indeed living in an iPhone era.


The commercial popularity about iPhones explained.


This would most certainly interest an Apple fanboy more than anyone.

The iPhone Era


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