The History of Marketing

Marketing has come a long way. Right from the time when it used to be something done simply to make people know about the brand, it has now taken a more friendly approach. Now marketing is not only about creating ads, but also goes a lot more in entrusting the target audience about the product’s authenticity. This is what is captured in this infographic. Basically, one gets to know how the concept of marketing evolved over the years in this infographic called “The History of marketing”.

Anyone who is a tad bit curious about what marketing today really is should give this infographic a look. It describes how and what factors govern today’s marketing scenario. Did you know marketing is nothing new? It used to be there during the ancient times as well. In fact, it existed even during 10,000 BC. Yes, it did. To find out how, check out below.

It was called the Stone Age marketing tactics. Apparently people had knowledge about branding even then. We wonder from where these concepts arose from. One would like to think that this was the effect of the business era; but it was not. All these things existed much before we knew about them.

Likes: What we like about this infographic is that it is very entertaining. The pictures match the texts and they are organized enough to read. Nothing is too complex about this infographic in particular. Also, there is a very detailed account of marketing, right from the past.

Dislikes: Nothing.

The History of Marketing


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