The History of Coupons

Though the Coke Cola started the whole idea of coupons in the eighteenth century, it is still used as a marketing strategy till date. Asa Candler pioneered, rather, invented the whole idea of coupons since Coke. Though Coke gave people a lot of cavities when it was first introduced, many businesses picked up this idea and still give out coupons to customers for their products. In this infographic titled, “The History of Coupons” you will pretty much read about the history of coupons.

During the First World War and also the Second World War, many people started clipping coupons because during those times of depression, these coupons helped them buy groceries. Americans still clip coupons as it not only saves a lot of money, but it also helps them buy stuff off the shelf for no cash or lesser cash. Using coupons and discounts is one of the best ways to save money and also buy everything you need. Coupons have fulfilled the basic necessities of every household in America, especially, during the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Using coupons was one of the most economical things done by American housewives during the nineteen forties and fifties. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century most of the newspapers and magazines were filled with coupons and discount offers which were cut and used to buy basic necessities. Now, in this digital age, many websites are dedicated to coupons and discounts that you can download and print and use it to buy stuff you need.


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Can you imagine life without the word “coupon”? You get coupons almost everywhere. Don’t we all come across food coupons, shopping coupons and discount coupons almost everywhere? These have become an integral part of our lives. Have you ever wondered how these coupons actually evolved? How did these creep into our lives? This amazing infographic titled “The History of Coupons” takes you through the amazing journey of the evolution of coupons.

Coupons have evolved almost rapidly since their inception in the year 1887. Consumers globally are obsessed over the collection and use of coupons. This infographic explains how coupons came into existence. It all started with Coca-Cola handing over written tickets to its consumers for free glasses of Cola.

The brain behind this concept has been featured in this infographic. Go through the infographic to see how the term got coined and has become what it is actually today. The evolution of a simple hand written ticket in the year 1887 to the e-coupons that can be used via cell phones today can be learnt from this infographic. However, the evolution of coupons has also given rise to fraudulent activities. In this digital era, fake coupons are getting circulated over the web and causing a lot of nuisance to the consumers. Go through this infographic to discover the amazing evolution of coupons from Coca-Cola coupons, e-coupons to the present day i-coupons.

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 The History of Coupons

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