The HBO Recycling Program

The HBO Recycling Program 1

Andy Greenwald of Grantland in June 2011 coined the term “The HBO Recycling Program”. Doesn’t this term sound interesting and awakes curiosity in you? This term refers to the phenomenon of watching any show on HBO, then recognizing with the onscreen actors and then searching for the actors IMDB page only to realize that the actor featured in another show on the HBO. The writer explanation is quite hilarious and intriguing at the same time. This infographic titled “The HBO Recycling Program” briefly covers the writer’s perception of the actors getting featured over and over again on the shows aired on HBO.

This infographic basically doesn’t cover anything in form of texts, facts or figures. All it has is a simple representation of the actors and the shows that they’ve been featured in. However, the recycling of actors has been so much that this simple infographic looks quite difficult to comprehend.

The basic point this infographic revolves around is that HBO features more or less the same actors in its shows. You would be surprise to know well this has been done by HBO over the years. Comprehending this infographic is not quite easy. The network of actors and the shows that they feature in is quite complex. The essence of this entire infographic is however something that one cannot overlook. If you’re a fan of shows aired on the HBO, then you would certainly love this infographic.

Likes: Quite an interesting topic to read about, especially if you’re into drama series and other shows.

Dislikes: Quite complex to comprehend.

HBO Recycling Program Infographic

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