The Greening Of America’s Companies [Inofgraphic]

My, how things have changed! My, how the mighty have fallen!.

Perhaps it is all a change in perspective; perhaps it is a greater realization of the actual facts. Perhaps it is an understanding that there is no such thing as human caused global warming; that we are actually going through a cooling stage–some have called it a mini-ice age; and that this was simply a global plan to impose onerous taxes. Perhaps people are focusing away from what we put in our environment (none of which has as much impact on the climate as does the Sun), and toward what we put into our bodies.

All of these themes can be inferred from “The Greening of America’s Companies” infographic. Or maybe not. Many of the changes that are mentioned above have blossomed only in the very recent past, unlike the infographic which was first published about four years ago. Regardless, we all know now that although Starbucks may be a “green” company, it apparently does not have as much concern for what they have us put into our bodies.

The true facts of the situation indicate that Starbucks is not a part of a lawsuit against Vermont but they also indicate that Starbucks uses an enormous amount of GMO products in their foods and drinks. This is not meant to be a diatribe against Starbucks. However, we do think that it is telling that few of the green companies in the infographic are food or beverage companies.

Perhaps they never really did have much concern for what we put in our bodies.

Likes: The section on what corporations (in the form of sustainability reports) and CEOs are doing. Things are not important unless they are important to those at the very top.

Dislikes: None, this is quite extensive.

The Greening Of America’s Companies



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