The Game of Life After 55

The Game of Life After 55 1

“Life” is a game which is said to be ended at the time of retirement, but life is far from over once you are of retirement age. There are many paths to take, decisions to make, and life events that have yet to occur. What’s in store for you after 55? Look at this fantastic infographic named “The game of Life after 55“to open new paths to your life after your retirement.
According to facts, starting in January 2011, more than 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65, a pattern that will continue for the next 19 years. The people turning 65 everyday are beginning to really examine their financial preparedness to leave the work place behind to pursue a leisurely life. This is understandable considering the declining popularity of pensions and the toll that the recent recession has had on retirement preparedness. So, what are your plans? Keep on working, retire and travel the world in an RV?
The infographic depicts many possibilities for aging population like danger to the aging population is home safety and security. Identity theft has become more prevalent and frequent. Older Americans also tend to have home accidents more often. Senior citizens account for 32% of all fire deaths, and are the victims of 1/4 all home robberies. It’s important that if a senior citizen is going to live alone that they feel safe and secure. This can be accomplished with home security systems, working fire alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms. Feeling safe in their home will allow older individuals to feel more independent.
The best years of your life, could be the Life after 55 but it all depends on planning accordingly and being prepared for any challenges thrown your way. It’s your choice become a grandparent, volunteer, or make such an impact in your community that they name the library after you? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure: the game of life continues long after 55.
Likes: Highly motivational info graphic. Must read and practiced by the aging population. They should be motivated to live their lives independently after retirement. The infographic speaks about the independency of such people, that is quite over-whelming and commendable.

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The Game of Life After 55
The Game of Life After 55

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