The Full Cost of Computer Data Loss

Since our dependence on computers is so extensive that our lives run on it, loss of data is a major problem for anyone, an individual or a business. Most of the companies have an in-house technical support that helps them save a lot of money over data loss. In this infographic titled, “The Full Cost of Computer Data Loss” you will read about the cost of data loss in computers.

On an average, a computer technician would charge per gigabyte to recover lost data. If you have an in-house team of technicians, then you will save a lot of money that you would doubly spend, if you hire a professional technician from outside. There are many times you lose data because either your system is infected with virus, or has corrupted system files, or you probably messed up the software upgrades leading to an unstable system and loss of data.

A computer technician will perform a seek level troubleshooting of your HDD depending upon the gravity of loss of data. He/She will first scan the HDD for any changes and use methods to recover your lost data and also clear the virus of your computer, if it is infected. On an average, recovering lost data could cost up to fifteen hundred dollars.


A good infographic on the cost of computer loss of data. A good insight into how computer data loss occurs.


Too technical, could have been more simple for a layman to understand.

Computer Data Loss Infographic

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