The Evolution Of The Children’s Story

Children's Story

This infographic is a timeline of Children’s Literature throughout the ages. It begins with Aesop’s Fables right back at around 600BC; with the most recent novel on the list being Suzanne Collins’ ‘The Hunger Games’, which was published in 2008. This timeline celebrates the most popular children’s stories of different eras: mentioning the particular struggles or circumstances that have faced the authors throughout history, and discusses how the children’s ‘story’ itself has evolved in form, style and popularity.

This infographic is a great resource for all those who are interested in Children’s Literature, those who love the history of books and/or those who want to reminisce about their favourite stories from their own childhood. The idea behind this infographic is to inform and inspire the  readers into using quotes from modern and classical literature to decorate in and around the home. [via]

The Evolution Of The Children's Story 1

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