The Engineering of the Olympics

The Engineering of the Olympics 1

The Olympics is the most watched and most expensive sport event in the world, drawing in billions of users and spectators alike. The Olympic village and venue are always awe-inspiring, massive, and very expensive. Each Olympics city aims to out-do the previous, setting the stakes higher every four years.

Most recently, Beijing set the bar to the highest ever, but London followed suit and created an amazing array of beautifully designed venues. Has anyone ever stopped to think about the Olympic venues themselves? Years of planning and construction are needed to reach the perfection required by the Olympic Committee and very few stop to think about the great feats of engineering that occur to make it all happen.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology created this infographic to highlight the great engineering feats that have taken place for the Olympics, and a few interesting facts and figures.

The main focal point of the infographic is the London Olympics, but Olympic games dating back to 1980 were also featured in the data. Brought to you by

The Engineering of the Olympics


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