The Dangers of Driving

Automobiles came into picture when man needed a more comfortable way of transportation. But along with that came the dangers associated with risking the life. Improper driving has led to many cases of death globally. This infographic titled “The Dangers of Driving” covers the risk analysis. It also highlights the serious incidents that have taken place region wise in the UK.

As per the information furnished in this infographic, 2,538 people die a year on average owing to road accidents in the UK. The risk analysis proves that the chance of a person dying due to a road accident in the UK is 1 in 200. This infographic also points out that men account for 76% of all road fatalities. The average age of 77% of the victims of a road accident was in the range of 16 years to 55 years.

Certain factors have been identified to be the components of a fatal crash and they are alcohol, exceeding speed limits, mobile usage, age and time. The most dangerous road in the UK has been identified to be the A537 through the peak district. Approximately, 34 people get killed or injured on this road an year. The most dangerous road in the world is the North Yungas Road, Bolivia, where 300 people die per year. This road is also referred to as “The Death Road”. This infographic provides a lot of information about the road accidents that affect the UK and the most common reasons.

Likes: Detailed description, use of figures and graphs make the infographic creative.

Dislikes: More points could’ve been covered.

Driving Infographic


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