The Cast Of Inception Movie

If Christopher Nolan is your favorite director, and you wonder why Leo has yet to receive an Oscar for Best actor, you have to watch this infographic. It has summed up the lives of all the actors of “The Inception” within this movie and outside of it. It will show you how far each of the stars has come and how brilliantly they have portrayed their character. Some of the actors have put us in awe, such as the shenanigan star of Juno, who played the character of a college grad student in this movie. The Inception was indeed an epic movie, but what were more epic were the performances of the star cast.

This is a small infographic dedicated to “The Cast of Inception Movie”. It was created in 2011 and will be a treat for all the Inception lovers out there. Just before the release of this movie, there were a lot of things that were making a buzz in the market.

Some called this movie the next “Matrix” flick and some went on to say that it will be hypnotizing and epic. Needless to say, Nolan delivered his best. The movie turned out to be a mind bender once again and we were blown by the several performances on-screen. This infographic is here to take you back to the journey once again.

Likes: Caught the rhythm of the film. It has nice undertones and background theme.

Dislikes: The text could have been a little different to make it visually appealing.

Inception Infographic


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