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The Buzz Around Infographic 1

Information graphic or rather Infographic as it is popularly known as has been an integral part in information gathering since very long time. They are widely used across various fields in many organizations, whether to communicate a message or showing the vital statistics related to the company. An infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance. The process of creating infographics can be referred to as data visualization, information design, information architecture.

The main question here which arises in our minds is why the human brain craves for infographics. Why a pictorial representation of a particular thing is more alluring than the theory behind it. In a simple and best possible way it can be explained as why people enjoy watching a live cricket match rather than keeping track of it through commentary on radio.

The human mind has a tendency of remembering things which it see or visualize for a long time rather than just hearing about it. Also the graphical illustrations of certain things make a space in our mind more quickly compared to non graphical theory. Consuming data using a visual representation is much faster than reading. It only takes 1/10th of a second to understand a visual scene. Gaining knowledge seems to be fast and easy when using infographics.

Following infographic helps in understanding the reasons behind the importance of visual representations in human life and as why it has such a liking for it.

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The Buzz Around Infographics
The Buzz Around Infographics

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