The Business Of Halloween

The Business Of Halloween 1

Well, it’s that time of year: the time of year where the ghosts, vampires and under-dressed nurses come out to play.  Yes, it’s Halloween! Whether you’re a fan of the Freddie Krueger look, like to rock it as a sexy witch or just like to dress as Death and sit in the corner scaring people, All Hallow’s Eve is the perfect night for a party.

Of course, the sheer awesome time that everyone has at Halloween means that costumes have now become an industrial behemoth.  Halloween means enough cash to knock out Satan himself.  With this in mind, AllFancyDress have gathered a whole host of cracking facts about just how much cash and how many people are involved in the monstrous (see what we did there?) business of Halloween.

Enjoy, and happy annual ‘scare the hell out of everyone’ day!

Business Of Halloween
Business Of Halloween

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