The Brutal Decline of Yahoo!

Yahoo is undoubtedly a big name in the world. The rise and decline of this company is no less than a tale. The following named “The Brutal Decline of Yahoo!” reveals all the major achievements and the pitfalls of this company since its incorporation.

This infographic clearly highlights the chronological events of success achieved by Yahoo and also covers all stumbling blocks which led to its decline and rise of its competitors.

The major announcements by the company, the services offered and the product launches have been explained clearly in this neat little infographic. This also covers the major moves by the competitors of Yahoo such as that led to the fall of this amazing venture.

The internal conflicts and resignations of the top executives also contributed to the downfall of Yahoo. The attempt by competitors to buy this venture is a clear proof of the potential worth of the company. However, certain things did lead to the decline of this web giant from its glory days which we’re sure you’ll find interesting.

Likes: Helpful to anybody who wishes to learn about the rise and fall of Yahoo– clear depiction of facts and figures.

Dislikes: None.
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