The Biggest Shift

Our previous generation was not so indulged with technology as we are. In fact, in the times of our grandparents, there was no computer or the wide use of it. They wrote by postcards and sent letters to their pen pals. This is one thing which is totally revolutionized by the social media sites like Facebook. There has been a major shift from the previous generation to our generation. This is what is described in this infographic called “The Biggest Shift”.

Even during our parent’s times, in third world countries like India and China, people didn’t have televisions in all homes and they had to get to the neighbours home just to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. Now we do so by sitting at the comfort of our Wi-Fi enabled homes while buffering the videos on YouTube. Hasn’t the big change arrived? And how! Indeed the world has witnessed a major shift in the recent age – a shift that completely glued us to the social media and changed our lives forever.

The social media itself is so addictive that one cannot simply turn it off. Many businesses are dependant upon the social media sites. This infographic would explain how the world is glued to the social media. No wonder it is said to be the biggest revolution since the industrial era.

Likes: It is bright and fun to read. The picture overall grows interest in the reader. It has used nice logos.

Dislikes: None.  

The Biggest Shift


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