The Best Selling Computer of All Time

Wow! With a title like “The Best Selling Computer of All Time” infographic, who could not be intrigued?!! The answer is surprising. As you can see below, it is the Commodore 64. The infographic does not seem to state it explicitly, but it does appear that history and cost were in its favour.

Commodore was at the forefront of the personal computer revolution in 1982 (and Commodore began in 1954 when computers were room-sized machines that could handle only the simplest of information and calculations, programmed into it by very inconvenient means) and its cost of just $595 (the equivalent price today would be relatively high, but only because the cost of technology is so much lower now).

Today, things are very different. Today there is an explosion of everything everywhere. Costs are much lower now (you can get tablets for under $100) but competition prevents any one company and model from becoming dominant. There are not just computers (now referred to as desktop computers) but also laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and Apple has recently come out with an iWatch (although Google Glass seems to have failed), all of which are vying for your attention.

We suspect that the iPad comes closest to reaching the heights of the Commodore 64, although newer versions are always coming out to detract from the sales of the current model.

Likes: The title to the infographic, and we laughed at seeing the memory of the Commodore–microscopic relative to today’s personal computers.

Dislikes: There is a section about the history but it seems woefully incomplete.

The Best Selling Computer of All Time 1

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