The Androids are Taking Over

The world was not the same place until Android took over. First the development ice cream sandwich, then jelly bean and now with its recent version of Kit Kat, it is now becoming faster and better than ever. Many users prefer Android phones over Windows as more applications can be accessed and used in Android-based smart phones. People who are tech savvy, especially kids who love gadgets, find Android-powered phones much interesting and friendly to operate. No wonder their demand is on the rise.
In May 2010, Android had proudly announced that it was among the top 10 popular smartphones around the world. This is the case due to the high app friendliness and the play store integrity among the android phones. The percentages of people who need business friendly phones are but a handful. Plus, that side is already taken care of by other brands like Blackberry.
The phone is increasingly becoming personal gadget which stores not only office apps, but also personal ones, like the Bible, the diet checker, the pictogram, etc. Due to all these reasons, Android is gaining superiority in the market over all other types of smartphones. This infographic captures the rise of Android and the reasons that contribute to it being so.

The Androids are Taking Over

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