The 7 Types of Iphone Users

iPhones have greatly impacted the world. They have revolutionized the mobile communication systems with their quality and service. This infographic titled “The 7 Types of iPhone Users” highlights 7 of the major types of iPhone users and is fun to check out.

This infographic categorizes the users into: The Fan boy, The Unappreciative, The Overuser, The Desk Job, The Hacker, The Senior Citizen and the Complainer. The Fan Boy is basically anybody who is excited about anything that Apple launches. These people even post on Mac rumor forums. These people probably even own an Apple T-shirt to show off their love towards the brand.

The Unappreciative are those who got the phone as it was trendy or was available for discounted rates. These people just don’t care about the features offered by the manufacturers. The Over User utilizes the device to the fullest capacity. The Desk Job basically owns both Blackberry and iPhone. These people mostly make use of the iPhone as an iPod at the gym.

The Hackers are the most interesting of all. These have cut off all calls and probably make use of the free calling feature via Skype. These even use their iPhones to remote start their cars. The Senior Citizens are totally clueless about how they landed up with such a phone and are confused with managing this device. The Complainer basically hates the device and intends to trade it off with Android devices soon. This one is quite hilarious.

Likes: Creative and funny.

Dislikes: We would appreciate lesser text.

Iphone Owners Infographic


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