Text Message Marketing

Sending an SMS is one of the easiest tricks of marketing. Most of the companies that have products to sell, use text messaging to advertise their products to the customers. These text messages also have the link to the website of their products. Any mobile user who receives these messages can have a look at the products by clicking on the link. In this infographic titled, “Text Message Marketing” you will see the statistics and usefulness of promoting products through text messages.

Most of the retailers also use the services of instant text messages to give users updates on offers and discounts. Compared to sending mails, the text messages are more effective. This is because most of the customers have more access to their mobile phones than mails, at any given instance. Mails too are used, but, most of the retailers prefer sending text messages to their customers to maintain the loyalty of their customers.

Conversion rates are more using text messages than the direct mail. More than fifty thousand text messages are sent during the sampling, for two weeks. This is done to see the success of sending bulk SMS. The maximum links have been clicked by iPhone users compared to people using phones of other brands. The SMS reaches a large number of customers within a minute after it is sent.


How instant text message is useful for retailers, and people who provide other services.


Only useful for niche crowd, like people running businesses.


Text Message

Courtesy: b2cmarketinginsider.com

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