3 Instances How Tea and Rummy are Good Friends since Ages



College days are the best days as you get to hang out with friends often. Perhaps not a day is spent without meeting them. As you move on with your education, career or personal life friends drift away gradually. But the memories of the evenings spent with them with a cup of ‘chai’ and a game of rummy is always afresh and brings back smile on your face.

But do you know tea and rummy have always been good friends for ages? Let’s explain you about 3 instances of life.

1: After a stressful day at work

Earlier, after a hard day at work, evenings were spent with friends having tea and playing rummy. Over the years, as our professional lives are getting longer, personal and social life is becoming shorter. But, even today you long for a hot cup of tea and a game of rummy. Things haven’t changed much over the years. Perhaps the way you do it has changed. Rummy sites India offer rummy games that you could play to beat stress.  It is fast-paced and lets you play the games quickly to feel relaxed and light.  Also, online rummy websites in India let you form your own circle of rummy friends with your far-flung friends and play with them. That’s incredibly good!

2: While travelling

Every time you step out of your place, whether is it for work, college or a visit to the mall, it invariably turns out to be an arduous wait in the jams, at the signals and even at your destination too. Earlier, to beat the wait you unhesitatingly picked up a cup of tea just to perk you up. Even today, with a quick game of rummy and a cup of tea, you get your instant dose of energy and refreshment. Best rummy sites in India have made their mobile apps available so that you could play rummy anytime anywhere so that boredom can never haunt you.  In fact, a cup of tea and a game of rummy during short breaks are as rejuvenating as the early morning walk in the fresh air.

3: Evenings and weekends

Gone are the days, when evenings were reserved for friends. In the recent years, hanging out with friends during weekends with the bustling weekend crowd at restaurants, malls, and theatres, turns out to be an ordeal. Why get stuck in the jams and crib about a wasteful weekend? Pick up your favourite ‘chai’, perch to your sofa and get started playing rummy. If your friends are available then the fun gets doubled. Rummy sites in India provide you with the platform to also play with other people from across the globe that enjoys playing rummy from the comforts of their home and sipping tea.

A cup of tea, a game or two of rummy and loads of fun

Whether you are a youngster bubbling with enthusiasm, a middle-aged person working hard to realize your goals and commitment or a senior person enjoying the retired life – tea and rummy continue to relax you and be with you when you need them the most – just like good friends.

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