Take a Look at This Valentine’s Day Specials Jewellery Collection

Take a Look at This Valentine's Day Specials Jewellery Collection 1

Every year valentine’s day creates a romantic mood for every couple. It is a time when you get the chance to show your partner how much she means to you. One way to do that is to get something really special for her.


This article is all about finding that perfect gift for your partner. Everyone knows that jewellery holds a soft spot in every woman’s heart. So, we have gathered an extensive range of valentine’s day special jewellery collection to help you swoon her!

Let’s begin!

14 Kt Yellow Gold Blushing Love Pink Sapphire Pendant

This jewellery is your sure shot at impressing your partner. A heart pendant can be a symbol of your feelings and compassion. They are also available in different sizes and metals; so you can easily purchase one based on your budget.


We found this unique heart pendant that’s both romantic and elegant. Your partner can wear it anytime, anywhere without having to create an ensemble. What more? The pink sapphire adds to the charm and the love you have for her.


4 Kt Yellow Gold Piece of Heart Diamond Bracelet

The days of love bracelets are still here. They look good in every shape, size, style, and metal and of course the hands they are worn in. Based on your partner’s personality, you can select a bracelet. There are both statement and dainty bracelets available in the market. However, if you are clueless about jewellery, play safe.


Try this delicate heart pattern bracelet studded with sparkling diamonds. It can match any outfit without being over-the-top. The heart shape further makes it a perfect valentine’s day special collection to share with your lady love.


14 Kt Yellow Gold Two to Tango Diamond Drop Earrings

You know what’s better than earrings? Diamond earrings. These shining stars will glitter in your loved one’s eyes when they behold its beauty. And isn’t that the perfect valentine’s day specials gift?


If you want to buy something unique, you can check the earrings we have shared in the image. This sleek bar of shimmering diamonds with diamond danglers can symbolize you and your partner. Your woman can wear it with any attire and pair it with any jewellery she wants. The look will always be classy and elegant.


14 Kt Yellow Gold Tender Butterfly Diamond Bangle

Nowadays, bangles are also back in trend. In fact, jewellery brands are launching trendy and minimalist bangles that women can wear daily. If your lady love is a person who likes to keep it minimal, then a gold bangle is your best bet. You can purchase it in different metals like gold or silver with added studs or jewels.


Check this beautiful gold bangle with a gorgeous butterfly on it that also looks like two hearts joining horizontally. So, it’s not just a symbol of love but also the freedom you wish to share with your partner. Now, this is a thoughtful gift for a relationship, isn’t it?


14 Kt Yellow Gold Toi Et Moi Diamond and Red Garnet Ring

If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level and commit to your partner, there is nothing better than a ring. Just decide what you wish to express and buy a ring accordingly. For instance, there are couple rings or promise rings and even engagement rings.


However, if you just wish to express your love with a sparkle, go for this studded ring. The striking red garnet matches perfectly with the diamonds.


Valentine’s Day Specials Made Better

If you were impressed with the ideas we shared, don’t forget to browse the exclusive Valentine’s Day special collection of Mia by Tanishq. From gold rings and diamond pendants to dainty bracelets and studded earrings, they got your back this love season.


You can also get amazing discounts on the best pieces. Just head to their official site and we are sure you won’t be able to stop yourself from admiring their stunning jewellery pieces.

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