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While a large number of names exist the world over for a woman’s period, there are some that are just downright silly. This infographic from WomenHealthZone.com throws light upon just a few words and catch phrases for when you are wondering what to call your period in other countries.Starting with Australia and the obvious political…

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It’s something each and every one of us has done at some point in our lives – dieting. Every year Americans spend billions on diet pills, weight loss programs, gym memberships and support groups. We read food labels, count calories, fat grams and carbs. It’s overwhelming. What can I eat? What is allowed? Does it…

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Have you ever wondered how the female brain functions? Study the below carefully – it’s finally explained here in one simple and easy-to-understand illustration. Here is the brief on this graphic presentation: https://stuartfrew.wordpress.com/2008/01/27/how-a-womans-mind-works/ Advertisement

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“GameHouse put out a great Infographic today to highlight survey results from Harris Interactive that not only gets into the minds of today’s female online gamer, but also shows that she is more social and has more sex than those who don’t play online games. Here’s a highlight: More than half are in a serious…

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