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Whenever one thinks of internet giants, three companies come to mind immediately – Google, Amazon and Facebook. The following infographic by IB Times details out the Facebook journey by way of a timeline. Mark Zuckerberg started the social network as a closed, college portal. The coolest thing about The Facebook (as it was known in…

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The internet is now our world – being online is literally akin to surviving. It is an entire ecosystem that can be compared to forests providing oxygen. As the following infographic on top 5 computer viruses ever by Norton UK suggests, it is now the backbone of modern society. This being said, it is also…

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There is an app for everything these days, and the income behind it proves their value. has created an infographic entitled, “We Love Apps”, detailing the statistics behind apps, and how they help make our day-to-day lives easier. There is always something new in the app store.  In fact, there are 640 new apps…

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Teaching with Tech Teaching with Tech

Learning disabilities and special needs can be challenging for parents and educators.  Thinking outside the box, and coming up with new ways to implement learning is a constant process.  Educators are beginning to discover that traditional learning methods, including worksheets and textbooks, leave students lacking.  Thanks to technology, students are now learning-and retaining-more information than ever before. has…

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