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College Daze: A Snapshot of the Class of 2013 College Daze: A Snapshot of the Class of 2013

Ever since the global economy plunged into dark depths in that fateful year of 2008-09, graduation time for college students has been one of extreme uncertainty. To get that dream job with a fantastic pay package is not the smooth ride it used to be. According to the Economic Policy Institute, college grads face uncertain…

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Harvard Law School — By The Numbers

Harvard Law School is one of the premier law schools in the entire world, and their strong stance on diversity and extracurricular activities is a major factor in their outstanding reputation. Below is a snapshot into what makes Harvard Law School so successful, from student body and faculty, to public service. Advertisement

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The answer is that perhaps they are. The question is “Are Student Athletes Exploited?” as shown in the following infograph. The infograph introduces the topic by explaining that in recent years, students, colleges and universities have often been in the news for various scandals and corruptions. It points out that while some students apparently do…

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Students nowadays are getting access to smart phones, laptops and all the latest gadgets. Some might believe that this causes them more damage and less good; but this infographic shows that it actually makes them smarter. This is because, students can now study flexibly anywhere they want to, with the use of their mobile phones,…

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