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From disastrous tweets to awful customer relations, social media can be both a blessing and a curse for businesses if left in the wrong hands. has created an infographic entitled Top Social Media Mistakes outlining the worst of the worst in social media this past year. Let’s take a look!

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If you’ve been watching TV in the last 3 years, you have probably heard about or seen The Walking Dead or True Blood. If you have not, the following infographic by One Vision TV will tell you more. The zombie and vampire phenomenon has taken over not only TV, but also in movies such as…

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How Social Are Social Brands How Social Are Social Brands

This Infographic highlights How Social Are The Social Brands. Via Facebook knows how to Facebook. That was the shocking result of a study by Expion that examined how eight social networks — Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Twitter— engaged with their Facebook fans from Jan. 1 through July 31. Other findings…

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