investment-plan investment-plan

It feels wonderful to receive your salary every month and use it for your present needs. However, that is all that your earnings do- help you live well in the present time. What you really need to do is plan to safeguard your future. Other than that, it is also important to plan ahead for…

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Vehicle insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. It additionally offers financial protection against vehicle theft, and against events such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage sustained by colliding with stationary objects.…

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travel-insurance travel-insurance

Travelling is a lot of fun. It opens your mind to new, interesting experiences. It is certainly the most enriching experience that money can buy. But your trip can go wrong in an instant. You could miss your flight, lose your luggage or even fall ill. Thankfully, a travel insurance plan can help you in…

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How Does Office Insurance Work How Does Office Insurance Work

Office Insurance Policies are useful tools to safeguard your workplace from uninvited damages. Fire, inundation, lightning, etc. are out of anyone’s control and thus events are unusually unpredictable. Office insurance will work to minimize your losses from such accidents and ensure that your business continues as usual. Infographic created by securenow.in

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good health good health

Someone once said, ‘New year resolutions are just like babies, fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain’. Every year January begins for me with a resolve to make myself better. But, as soon as the confetti is swept off, my resolution also sees itself out of the window. At the same time, I have…


Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Let’s face it – Life is unpredictable. All of us have our own dreams, aspirations and goals that we strive to reach out for in our daily lives. And in our zest to accomplish more and be better at everything, we often tend to overlook some of the most basic of life’s necessities. Having an…

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