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While browsing the internet, many people want to know how we are supplied with what seems to be an endless supply of data and big data. Where does all this energy come from? What’s the impact it has on the environment? Well, has created an infographic entitled “Big Data, Small Footprint?”, explaining all the details…

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With the revelation of massive internal spying operations in the United States, citizens are becoming increasingly concerned with their privacy staying just that: private. With cookies (The once main way to track people on the internet) becoming increasingly blocked and ineffective, technology has devised a new way to track you and your information: device fingerprinting.…

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Here are some of the highlights we uncovered:  The Internet Crime Complaint Center receives over 300,000 complaints each year. These internet scams amounted to an almost $600 million loss in 2009. Men lose $1.25 for every $1.00 loss reported by women. Nearly 66% of the complaints originated from the US. Via:

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Link building techniques are ever-evolving. At TechWyse we always stay on top of the latest trends. Infographics are a great way to build links and enhance your internet marketing strategy. Effective Link Building is an art. We build links in many different ways and opportunities for doing so certainly differ between clients. This infographic has…

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If you are doing business on the web and have Google Analytics setup for your website, it’s very likely that you know the bounce rate for your website. But, do you know anything about how it’s calculated, what your industry’s average bounce rate is or even what factors affect your bounce rate? Inspired by common…

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In 2012 it is crazy to leave your home’s wifi router set to its default password. However most people do not even know how to access it. Bot Revolt protects your computers from Hackers and Viruses. via:

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