Types of Chocolate Types of Chocolate

Chocolate! An exotic delicacy enjoyed by people of all ages, be that a kid, our sweetheart or seventy years old grandpa Mike. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like chocolate. However, each individual has their preferences, but, luckily, the modern market has a lot of options to offer. How many types of chocolates…

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Wedding Planning Wedding Planning

Congratulations! So, you’re about to step into your new life… A life full of happiness and adventures. From setting a wedding date until the day of your wedding there is a whole lot of stuff to be done.  Be it booking for the best wedding planners in Patna or even a make-up artist in Delhi,…

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two wheeler insurance cover two wheeler insurance cover

One cannot deny that two wheelers rule the streets in India no matter which city you go. The convenience offered by two wheelers is irreplaceable by any other means of transport. A bike makes a practical and smart choice whether it is meant for going to college or for your office commute. Though this mode…

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